Gala Selection Criteria


Swimmers and events will be selected from the club’s RANX system which contains all swimmers’ times.
When swimmers are unavailable for selection a new swimmer will be selected or the current team will be modified to fill in these events.
Swimmers must respond to team selection (if they can or cannot attend) by the date stated on the selection slip. If this has not happened then another swimmer will be picked in their place. Reminders will be sent out shortly before the deadline date for those swimmers that we have not heard from.
If a swimmer is unavailable for selection for 3 consecutive galas then the (Junior) Head Coach will communicate with the parent(s) as to whether there is a common reason and if this needs to be addressed.
Swimmers will not be informed of which event(s) they are swimming until poolside on the gala evening.
Swimmers may compete in more than 1 age group or in an older age group (accordingly with gala rules) during a gala.


The A team will be selected on a ‘fastest team possible’ basis.
Individual events will be swum by the fastest swimmers (up to a swimmer’s maximum number of events allowed).
Where the fastest swimmer has reached their maximum number of events for 1 gala then the next fastest swimmer will be placed in the event (and so on).
If swimmers from a younger age group are faster than those in the higher age group then they may be swam up in events from the higher age group (accordingly with gala rules).
Where possible swimmers will swim in a minimum of 2 races [individual(s) and/or relay(s)] per gala.


During B team galas individual events will be spread out amongst the swimmers so each swimmer has at least 1 individual (where possible).
All swimmers will also swim at least 1 relay (where possible).
Swimmers in each age group will be given the events in their age group and younger swimmers will only swim up if they are required to complete a team (e.g. in a relay).
Swimmers originally selected for the B team may be asked to swim in the A team should drop-outs occur (when both galas run on the same evening).


In most league galas (e.g. Leicester) swimmers can swim a maximum of 2 individual events in their own age group and 1 individual in a higher age group. However, a swimmer can swim 2 events in a higher age group but they are then not allowed to swim individual events in their own (lower) age group. For the older age groups (15/16years and over) swimmers can swim a maximum of 3 individual events. There are no restrictions over the selection of relay teams.
Leagues consist of 3 galas – Round 1, Round 2 and the Final. Swimmers can only compete in the Final round if they have swam in either the 1st or 2nd Round galas.
Age group bands will differ depending on the gala format. The ‘age by date’ can differ gala to gala and is sometimes age by the gala date, age by the end of the round or age by the end of the year. This will dictate as to which age band swimmers fall into. Swimmers must be at least 9 years old by the date given to compete.
Some galas have ‘cut-off times’ and so swimmers (or relay teams) in each event cannot swim faster than this time. Teams for these galas will be picked according to these cut off times; i.e. the fastest swimmer below this time for each event (and not according to the usual selection criteria).
Some trophy galas have other rules in place such as: if a swimmer swims up an age group for an individual event then they must also swim in the 2 relays for that age group and that swimmers can only swim 1 individual event in an age group. This will impact on how the team is selected and how the events are distributed amongst swimmers. These galas often have a different programme to league galas and can therefore contain fewer events. This can occur due to relays only being mixed (and not separate girls & boys) so they only require 2 girls and 2 boys for each age group relay (as appose to 4 of both girls and boys for each age group relay). For these reasons we cannot guarantee that each swimmer will swim a minimum of 2 events per gala.