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To join this squad swimmers must:

·          be strong enough to train for 2 x 2 hour sessions per week

·          be able to complete 100m repeats regularly, with good technique, during a training session

·          be confident in performing tumble turns regularly throughout a training session

·          have the knowledge and skills to perform correct starts, turns & finishes for each stroke and the IM

Whilst in this squad swimmers will:

·          train over repetitions from 25m to 200m

·          work towards maintaining good technique on all 4 strokes over longer repetitions/larger sets

·          refine the starts, turns & finishes skills of each 4 strokes and the IM

·          perform more advanced kick, pull & drill sets

·          be introduced to pyramid and negative split sets

·          continue to train the IM

·          increase racing/sprinting and relay practice

·          work towards improving their 25m, 50m & 100m times over the 4 strokes and the IM

·          continue their Competitive Start Award training if necessary


Competition guidelines:

·          to take part in club events such as annual championships and time trials

·          to attend team galas if selected by the club

 ·          to enter any recommended open meets

 ·          to attend the annual County championships if qualify for any events


Training Schedule:

·          Monday 5pm – 7pm at Kettering

·          Sunday 6.30pm – 8.30pm at Kettering


The squad is split into 3 lanes, which swimmers will progress through before moving on to the Diamond squad.

Recommended kit:

·          Swimming hat

·          Goggles

·          Drinks bottle

·          Kick board

·          Pull buoy

·          Fins


Squad fee - £36.50 per month


ASA category registration recommendation:

·          Category 2