Titanium Squad

To join this squad swimmers must:

·         Commit to training 3 times a week as directed by the Head Coach.

·         Demonstrate a positive attitude to training & in discussion with Head Coach decide if you are

·         Training to maintain fitness or improving performance.

·         Have good technique on all 4 strokes.

·         Minimum age of 13 years for girls & 14 years for boy’s.

·         County qualified.

·         Able to complete the following test sets:

o   10 x 100m FC on 1.45

o   5 x 200m IM on 3.30

o   10 x 50m kick on 1.00

Whilst in this squad swimmers will:

·         Work to an 8 week training programme & aim to peak at selected competitions.

·         Work on Stroke progressions.

·         Will be subject to a variety of test sets.

·         Work across all types of training zones & understand the use of a pace clock.

·         Expected to perform perfect starts, turns & finishes on all 4 strokes.

·         Goal setting will be a formalised process.

·         Maintain logbooks

·         Do stretching exercises & land based circuit training.

·         Nutritional & drug education programmes.

·         Competing guidelines.

·         To take part in club events & time trials.

·         To attend galas when selected.

·         Qualify for Club Championships.

·         To work with the Assistant Head Coach to identify specific Open Meets to take part in.

·         To have the long term goal of qualifying for the County Championship.


Training Schedule:

·         Monday 8.00 to 9.30pm Kettering

·         Tuesday 7.30 to 9.00pm Oundle

·         Friday 7.00 to 9.00pm Thrapston


Recommended kit:

·         Swim hat Fins

·         Goggles Hand paddles

·         Drinks bottle

·         Kick board

·         Pull buoy


Squad Fee: £46.00 per month