About Us

Kettering Swimming Club is a dynamic and exciting club with a long and proud history. Originally based at the Victoria Baths in Bath Lane Kettering, they moved to their present site on London Road in 1984.

Founded on the 15th of December 1914 the Kettering Men’s Swimming and Water Polo Club had 40 swimmers and 20 committee members. Membership to the club at the time cost 2 shillings and 2 pence (around 12.5p) and pool hire for 1 gala was 1 Guinea (about £1.05). Today’s galas take a minimum of 3 hours pool hire and it costs £60 per hour.

Formed as a men only club, ladies weren’t allowed to join until 1915, however, the two sections were kept separate until 1918, and even then they trained on different nights until 1950’s.
Galas used to consist of only 3 strokes, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Front Crawl, (there was no Butterfly or Individual Medley), and following a Gala there would be a Water Polo match.

The club has continued to grow over the years and now has over 130 members training 5 nights a week and competes up and down the country in various Gala’s.

Who runs the Club?

The club has an elected committee which oversees the running of the club. Carol Simms and Tom Reed are the current chairmen of the committee. The committee encourages an active training programme that promotes a competitive environment for all.

The Head Coach has overall control on all matters swimming and is aided by a qualified Assistant coach and an able body of teaching staff.


How can I join KASC?

You will need to be able to swim at least 25m in all four strokes Back Stroke, Freestyle, Breast Stroke and Butterfly. If you have swum for another club you contact the Club Secretary to arrange an evaluation otherwise click the link for a free trial on the website home page.


When do the committee meet?

The Committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month. If you have anything that you would like brought up at a committee meeting please contact Club Secretary.