ASA Membership

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By becoming a member of the ASA you become part of a well-regulated governing body that is always developing initiatives to forward the sport and is dedicated to allowing all our members to achieve their full potential.

Because full membership is only available via an affiliated club or affiliated body, you will also benefit from a club structure offering advice and guidance on a range of issues and a club using ASA qualified teachers and coaches.

All members receive insurance cover which includes Civil Liability, Personal Accident and Legal Advice.

You can only obtain full ASA membership by joining a club affiliated to The ASA (or an ASA affiliated body). You will then be asked to fill in the appropriate form.


Click here for a useful overview of the categories: ASA membership categories



ASA Membership Categories

Category 1

·          £15.50 per year

·          Includes all members, of any age, who are learning to swim or who are swimming at any level that only compete in competitions designated as ‘Low Level Competition’.

·          Category 1 swimmers may take part in the following events (Low Level Competitions):

o    Leagues; providing that it is a local league (e.g. within a County or local area) and does not finish with a National final.

o    Inter-club competitions (e.g. annual trophy galas) providing that:

§   The participating clubs are invited to compete.

§   There are no more than 8 clubs involved in one competition.

§   The event is a one off gala.

o    KASC annual club championships

·          This is the minimum level of ASA membership that all swimmers must have to train and compete with KASC.

Category 2

·          £32.50 per year

·          Includes members of any age who compete in open competitions in addition to those competitions designated as ‘Low Level Competition’.

·          In order to compete in all other ASA and British Swimming events swimmers must be Category 2 registered. These include:

o    Any division of a league which finishes with a national final (e.g. National Swimming League).

o    Open meets.

o    County, District/Regional and National events.

We do encourage Category 2 registration for swimmers that are members of the Development 1, Development 2 or Diamond squad. This will allow them to enter open meets, when appropriate, and any competitions that they may qualify for (e.g. the County Championships). We would like to encourage as many eligible swimmers as possible to enter suitable open meets throughout the year as they provide valuable competition experience. We feel that this is essential in their progression and development into competitive swimmers.

Academy swimmers will only require the Category 1 registration whilst they are training within this section of the club.