Competitive Starts and Performance Awards

ASA Awards

 Competitive Start Award 

The Competitive Start Award is an award that swimmers will work towards from Development 1 onwards.

It concerns practicing and achieving safe dives according to guidelines set out by the ASA.

Swimmers will work through deep end diving to begin with; from the poolside and then starting blocks.

Once swimmers can consistently perform safe dives in the deep end they will then progress to diving at the shallow end; again from the poolside and then the racing blocks.

There is a Preliminary Start Award that swimmers can achieve once they have completed the first few stages of the full award.

Swimmers must have attained these awards before they are able to dive at competitions.

Further details will be provided once your child has reached the relevant squad to begin the award. 


Competitive Swimming Performance Awards

Measure your progress by collecting the competitive swimming award badges. Compare the times you achieve against those in the table contained in the guide below. Swimmers must achieve the times at official competitions; this includes galas, open meets and championships (e.g. counties) or at club events (e.g. championships, time trials and dash nights).

There are badges available for various distances (from sprints to long distance events) and for all strokes; including the Individual Medley. For each of these there are 4 levels of times; from Bronze up to Platinum.

The order forms and qualifying times can be found on the website. Please pass completed forms and the correct fee to your coach as they need to sign them. For any queries regarding badges please contact Faye Elmore ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). 


Competitive Performance Awards Order form and Guide



An order form can also be found in the Information section of the website.