Our Aims and Goals

Vision statement

“At KASC we are committed to excellence and dedicated to developing individuals who become ambassadors for the club and the sports of swimming and water polo.”


Mission Statement

“Our mission is to promote the sports of swimming and water polo by providing a professional and structured coaching and training program in order to encourage and support individuals to reach their maximum competitive potential.”


Aims and Objectives

KASC is a dynamic and exciting club which welcomes swimmers of all ages and abilities who want to benefit from the expertise of the club. Our commitment is to:


Provide the highest quality teaching and coaching

Advance the sport of swimming and promote competitions

Teach the game of water polo and promote competitions

Recruit individuals who share our vision

Create and maintain an enjoyable, safe and productive swimming environment

Recognise each individual and value his or her role in the success of our club

Encourage positive mental attitudes and mutual respect

Teach and develop life skills through our programmes

Provide individuals with the opportunities to grow and succeed to their potential

Promote equality and diversity