Kettering Amateur Swimming Club became a Swim 21 accredited club in December 2013. You will see our certificate displayed at the pools we swim at.

But what does being a Swim 21 club actually mean?

The accreditation is the ASA’s ‘quality mark’. It is like a ‘kite mark’ showing the quality of what we offer as a club. All sports clubs can work towards their own sports’ quality mark, so Swim 21 is one of a number of ‘Clubmark awards’. It is designed to be accessible to all clubs (in all aquatic disciplines), regardless of their size.

However, this isn’t just a badge that we achieve with a ‘tick box’ exercise. Swim 21 is a development tool that enables clubs to continually improve. That’s why the Swim 21 accreditation has to be reviewed and re-accredited on an annual basis. We hope that through the Swim 21 process we can, as a club, create the best possible swimming experience for all, raise the quality of swimming provision and increase participation in the sport.

We have achieved the Swim 21 Essential module. There are two others - Club Networks and a further module for Performance clubs (which is still in development).

The criteria for Swim 21 are designed to help the club grow our membership, develop volunteers and ensure that we become a club that can be sustainable for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, in this way, we can look forward to the next centenary celebrations!

For Swim 21, we have put together action plans that will put us on a strong footing that will allow the club to grow in depth and at the same time benefit the community.

Our action plans cover: 

    1. How we can help our swimmers to reach their potential
    2. How we can ensure equity within the club
    3. How we can develop our marketing and communication processes and develop our community links
    4. How we can develop our workforce ( coaches and teachers) and our volunteers, particularly through courses and further qualifications
    5. Budget planning
    6. In addition we have to ensure that our policies and processes are reviewed and up to date and that we follow the ASA Code of Ethics, Codes of Conduct and Wavepower