Senior Swimmers of the Month - May 2018

Esther Tennant

Esther has recently increased her swimming sessions and has already got pbs. Esther is a great club swimmer who has lots of potential. I am sure with steady effort and focus on arm speed Esther will have a break through year ahead of her. Well done Esther, work hard on setting and achieving small stepping stone goals to reach your long term goals.

Nayan Gilboa-Way

Nayan has always been a consistent and dedicated swimmer. Over the last month there has been a new gear change and he has had some great times in galas, training and at dash night. Nayan still has a great depth of untapped potential and who knows what can be achieved by each month stretching that little bit further. Well done Nayan, keep knocking those seconds off.

Junior Swimmers of the Month - Feb March April 2018


This month’s first winner is Katie Pickford. Ever since joining the club last year Katie has had a fantastic attitude towards her training. She works hard at every session, she listens to her coaches and always tries her best at whatever she is asked to do. She has made great progress across her strokes and skills and has recently moved up to the next stage in the Academy. Katie is a great member of the KASC team as she is friendly and helpful to all her fellow swimmers. Congratulations Katie!

Our second winner is Cameron Bell. Since joining Development 2 Cameron has had a really positive attitude towards his training. Not only has he been training hard during our sprint sets but also focussing on his stroke technique. Cameron has been learning when to slow down and think about this technique and stroke count. He has also been working hard on his skills - especially his underwater butterfly kick. Hopefully all of his work will results in lots more PBs. Well done Cameron!


Our first winner this month is Euan Chatburn. Euan has been chosen to say a big well done for his positive attitude towards his swimming. He always works hard at training, tries his best and is keen to improve. Euan has recently competed in his first galas and he overcame his nerves to swim fantastically. He is a great team member to have on poolside as he cheers on his teammates and always has a smile on his face!

Our second winner this month is Lily Baish. Lily is progressing very well through the Academy stages due to her hard work and determination to learn and execute new skills. She listens to coaches and always puts in 100% effort to put coaching points into practice. Lily had a great club championships and the end of last year and swam brilliantly at this month’s Academy Gala and it’s great to see her eager to race and get quicker!


The first recipient for April’s Swimmer of the Month award is Dylan Smith. Dylan is in our Academy and has recently progressed to Stage 9 due to his hard work and determination he shows in his training. Dylan recently competed in his first gala for the club and he was an absolute pleasure to have on poolside. He gave 100% in his races, cheered his teammates on in theirs and by all accounts thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Our second recipient of this month’s award is Alicia Evans. Alicia has recently progressed from our Sunday Academy stages to our Monday session and is doing very well. She listens to her coaches, tries her best and always works hard and this is reflected in how quickly she is completing the objectives. Alicia has also just competed in her first gala for the club where she achieved 2 excellent PBs!


Leicester diddy League – a huge well done to both of our teams in the Leicester diddy League. The ‘A’ team finished 2nd in their second round gala and the ‘B’ team 5th. Both teams will now compete in the third round on Saturday 16th June with the ‘A’ team reaching the final. We hope that both teams get great support for the final round. We know that the ‘A’ team will be at Corby but not where the ‘B’ team will be yet but it would be great to get a sea of red KASC  support in the audience at both venues.

Open water – well done to Harriet Palmer, Justin Chacksfield and Mike Oxford who competed in the Box End open water event and all achieved personal bests. If you are interested in doing open water swimming do speak to your coach

Officials – well done to Ali Tennant who has just completed her Judge 2 qualification. We do URGENTLY need more volunteers to become officials. Courses take place for an hour on Mondays ( 5-7pm)at Kettering pool and are free. You can begin officials training from the age of 14 so we would love to see more swimmers and parents take up the offer of training. If you are interested let Carol Simms know.

Fun/Open Day – a reminder that the club open day will be on Sunday 8th July. This is a chance for KASC to showcase what it does to the public. We are looking for volunteers to help on poolside and with stalls etc and for contributions to the tombola and cake stalls. All ideas for other stalls/entertainers will be gratefully accepted. More info to follow soon.

Changing rooms – could parents please remind swimmers that they should get changed before and after sessions as quickly as possible. They should not be messing around and kit must not be left in there.

Lost kit – we have several bags of lost kit, ranging from hats,goggles,bottles, t-shirts and costumes to towels, jumpers and gloves. Most don’t have names on. If swimmers have lost something recently please let us have a description and we will have a look. We will have to dispose of what we have soon or it will fill my car!

Best regards

Club sec

Senior Swimmers of the Month - March 2018

Declan Bell

Declan has put in another solid month of quality training. He is now getting a belief in his abilities and also understands the importance of all out effort in training to ensure big pbs when it matters. He is also a great lane motivator and team player. Stay motivated for success, set your goals and go for it Declan.

Lily Freeman

Lily has been training hard and concentrating on getting her stroke technique better. Lily has become skilful and fast over all four strokes and each month is becoming more competitive in the lane and her back stroke is becoming awesome. Perfect practice will always make you better. Keep up the good work Lily.

Senior Swimmers of the Month - Feb 2018

Sam Ward

Sam has had a great month, always putting in a consistently high level of training. Sam has been really competitive in his training and has concentrated on improving stroke technique. Sam's presents in the lanes lifts the others swimmers performances making him an inspiration in his lane and other lanes, he is becoming the one to beat. Excellent work Sam.

Jessica Casey

Jessica has kept her foot firmly on the accelerator all month and that part on training is so important. Jessica realises that the mental commitment to continuous improvement and forging towards your best makes those good results so much sweeter. Jessica has also lifted other swimmers performances by staying focused and leading the lane. Well done Jessica.


Junior Swimmer of the Month - Jan 2018

Our first award winner this month is Mia Berkovitz. It has been great to see Mia progress through the club and she has now completed all the Academy stages and has moved into the Development 1 squad. She has a great attitude towards her training and always works at 100%. She listens to her coaches and takes on feedback in order to improve. She is now a regular team member at club galas and her confidence and competitive skills have grown. Keep up the good work Mia!

Our second recipient this month is Jacob Jarvis. Jacob always works hard at training and is keen to improve his swimming in order to continue his progression. He has attended many galas in which he has represented the club and he always swims his hardest. He entered his first club championships at the end of 2017 and came away with an overall 1st place in his age group. Well Done Jacob!