Senior Swimmers of the Month - March 2017

Max Jeffs

Max always works hard, he commits to his training and over the last few months has slowed down his arms to concentrate on technique.  This is a huge step in faith - resisting the temptation to go all out on arm speed/just spinning the wheels.  His distance per stroke this month is reaching further and his times are getting lower.  Very impressed with Max's pbs and performance at the galas, he just keeps improving and developing.   Well done Max

Harriet Casey

Harriet is a great trainer, enthusiastic and determined, all important attributes for a successful swimmer.  Harriet over the past few months has had some great pbs, especially in fly, and is steadily decreasing her times in all strokes. Harriet has been positive, focused and eager to learn, an inspiration to others in the lane.  Keep up the good work Harriet.