Leicester diddy League – a huge well done to both of our teams in the Leicester diddy League. The ‘A’ team finished 2nd in their second round gala and the ‘B’ team 5th. Both teams will now compete in the third round on Saturday 16th June with the ‘A’ team reaching the final. We hope that both teams get great support for the final round. We know that the ‘A’ team will be at Corby but not where the ‘B’ team will be yet but it would be great to get a sea of red KASC  support in the audience at both venues.

Open water – well done to Harriet Palmer, Justin Chacksfield and Mike Oxford who competed in the Box End open water event and all achieved personal bests. If you are interested in doing open water swimming do speak to your coach

Officials – well done to Ali Tennant who has just completed her Judge 2 qualification. We do URGENTLY need more volunteers to become officials. Courses take place for an hour on Mondays ( 5-7pm)at Kettering pool and are free. You can begin officials training from the age of 14 so we would love to see more swimmers and parents take up the offer of training. If you are interested let Carol Simms know.

Fun/Open Day – a reminder that the club open day will be on Sunday 8th July. This is a chance for KASC to showcase what it does to the public. We are looking for volunteers to help on poolside and with stalls etc and for contributions to the tombola and cake stalls. All ideas for other stalls/entertainers will be gratefully accepted. More info to follow soon.

Changing rooms – could parents please remind swimmers that they should get changed before and after sessions as quickly as possible. They should not be messing around and kit must not be left in there.

Lost kit – we have several bags of lost kit, ranging from hats,goggles,bottles, t-shirts and costumes to towels, jumpers and gloves. Most don’t have names on. If swimmers have lost something recently please let us have a description and we will have a look. We will have to dispose of what we have soon or it will fill my car!

Best regards

Club sec