Diddy League Gala B team

The results from the weekend are now on the Results page.  Swimmers did very well with 16 PB’s on the night with some new times also, please make a note of these if your child has achieved a PB or a new time.  

Thank you very much to all those who helped out.  I understand that all went well considering changes needed making as a swimmer could not make it last minute.  Please can I remind parents for future rounds that all swimmers need to be on poolside by 6pm ready for warm up, with the correct swimwear for racing.

Results                            Points           Finishing places 2016 (30 teams)                                            

1st  Arnold                        225                    1st                                         

2nd Braunstone B              216                   19th      

3rd Swadlincote                 214                   3rd

4th Solihull                        173                  23rd

5th Kettering B                   86                   28th

6th Daventry B                   69                   30th


Round 1 is a random draw the following two rounds will be swum with points taking into account for all teams from round 1.  This was an exceptionally rough draw for the B team looking at the places the other teams came last year.

For those parents new to galas please share this with your child(ren), if you wish to discuss stroke count or DQ’s please speak with your child’s coach.

Swimmers who swam first position in a relay can use the split as an official time. 

If you have any questions please let me know, if you cannot open this file please let me know.  I will be sending out invites for round 2 which is on 13th May over the next couple of weeks

Amanda Short

KASC Team Manager

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Junior Swimmers of the Month - Feb 2017

Jack Baish - Jack has been awarded this month's award for his hard work and effort during his training sessions. He has recently progressed to our Stage 7 group and he has already moved up to the next lane. Jack will always try his best at training and is keen to improve his strokes. He listens to his coaches and will work hard whatever the set may be. It is great to see the progress that Jack is making with his strength & stamina and strokes & skills. Well done Jack

Keren Tennant - Keren is one of our Swimmers of the Month this month due to her positive attitude towards her swimming. She always trains hard and is often 1 of the leading swimmers in her lane. She puts in maximum effort to all the sets that she is given and listens to instructions and feedback from her coaches. She is also very competitive and will always put in 100% in the galas that she has recently taken part in. Keren is going from strength to strength with her swimming so keep up the good work!


Senior Swimmers of the Month - February 2017

Russell Wilson-Haw

Russell is focused, concentrating on his own performance and is not easily distracted.  He has worked hard this month, a consistent effort, understanding how hard he has to push himself to get results.  Good pbs at the County Championships and a massive 27 sec pb in the 100m Fly on Dash night.  Keep up the good work Russell

Emily Batchelor

Emily has started in the Senior Squad and has been working hard, concentrating on her technique.  She shows a real positive competitive spirit.  The results for her first County Championships were brilliant, she pb'ed and made the breaststroke final then pb'ed again in the final which ranking 29th in the County.  Well done Emily


Results from the galas at the weekend are now in the members area under 'Results'.


Team A - Braunstone - There were 21 PB’s -  all that training is paying off which is great.

You may find the points strange there was two teams who should have been at a different pool therefore their point will be included within another heat, this is due to pools not being available:

  1. 1st Braunstone282
  2. 2nd Hinckley215
  3. 3rd Coalville206
  4. 4th Leicester Sharks140
  5. 5th Kettering122
  6. 6th Daventry99


Team B - Wellingbrough - You all did really well too, there were 23 PB’s which is fantastic.


  1. 1st Wellingborough212
  2. 2nd Rushden194
  3. 3rd Wellingborough148
  4. 4th Kettering125
  5. 5th Daventry91


Thank you to everyone that helped out we would not attend these events without you,

If you have received an invite for the next and have not replied yet please can you do so asap

Amanda Short

KASC Team Manager

Junior Swimmers of the Month - Jan 2017

Isabelle James - Over the last few months it has been great to watch Isabelle progress in terms of her stamina and skills and also her confidence. Isabelle always listens to her coaches and is very keen to work hard to improve. She has also recently began competing in galas for the club and always puts in 100%. She never moans and will try things despite not having done them before. Keep up the hard work Isabelle! 


Leyton Etheridge - Leyton has been training very hard recently and has just progressed to the top lane of Stage 7. He always puts in maximum effort and will keep going even when he finds a set difficult. Leyton has worked hard to progress with his strokes and is keen to keep improving. Leyton enjoys practising his racing skills and I look forward to seeing him in upcoming competitions. Well Done Leyton! 

Senior Swimmers of the Month - January 2017

Austin Reed

Austin has raised his game to an even higher standard.  He is focused and determined to get an incredible 200m fly time by mid season.  He has found a strength of character to chisel away at a formula that will get him what he wants to achieve.  Austin, good goal setting, strong commitment and steady improvement - sorted!

Beaux Dodson

Beaux is a steady worker in her lane, she has put in some good strong sessions and keeps focused.  She has shown good team spirit and helped out by swimming with the bronze squad to motivate them.  Keep up the good work and concentrate your training towards an achievable goal…You just don’t know how good you are Beaux.