Stage 8 Objectives:


1. Complete a set lasting 200m on a specific turn around time (e.g. 8x25 on 1min)
2. Kick 25m backstroke with/without using a board
3. Kick 25m breaststroke with/without using a board
4. Kick 25m butterfly without using a board
5. Kick 25m front crawl with/without using a board
6. Perform a backstroke turn (from 10m in to 15m out)
7. Perform a breaststroke turn (from 10m in to 15m out)
8. Perform a butterfly turn (from 10m in to 15m out)
9. Perform a front crawl turn (from 10m in to 15m out


Training Schedule:
• Monday 5pm-6pm at Kettering Pool
• Swimmers will train over the 25m distance


Recommended Kit:
• Swimming hat (provided)
• Goggles
• Drinks bottle


Monthly Fee:
• £21.00


ASA Registration:
• Category 1